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"As writers, we’re celebrating National Poetry Month by crafting a poem or two, but we’re also excited to check out If the World Were My Classroom…, a new poetry anthology published by She’s the First, a nonprofit that raises money for girls’ education in developing countries.

She’s the First asked “If the world were my classroom, I’d teach a girl…”, and more than 8,000 first-time writers and seasoned professionals from around the world submitted their inspirational responses. The poems selected aim to “express the evolving wisdom, brave vulnerability, and bold ambition that we universally share with girls worldwide, despite the vastly different circumstances into which we are born.”

Pick up a copy at She’s the First or swing by our Twitter giveaway on Wednesday at 12 PT for a chance to win your own copy. Tweet a response to the prompt “If the world were my classroom, I’d teach a girl…” and the best verses will be compiled into a poem and three winners will be randomly selected to win an autographed copy of the anthology!

We hope you’re able to express yourself this month and maybe even help other women do the same!”